How Do I Select and Order A Frame?


How Much To Frame my Collectible?

This is the question I am most often asked.

The cost to frame your collectible is based on four factors

  • 1. The size of your collectible.
  • 2. The moulding that you select for your frame.
  • 3. The type of Frame (Value or Changeable).
  • 4. Any optional glazing upgrades.

The purpose of this page is to help you learn a little more about what is involved in choosing your frame and the options available to you. After you finish this page you will have a better idea of what is available to you.

If you haven't read my FAQs page please read it first.

Many of the terms such as Value and Changeable Frames, United Inches (UI) and others discussed below are defined on my FAQs page.

A little reading will help you make the most informed decision for your frame.

Read the FAQs here.

The size of your collectible.

The first step is to measure your collectible. Newspapers, magazines, comics, comic art and other ephemera come in many sizes. A 12"x22" (34 UI) newspaper will have a different price than a 8" x 10" (18 UI) magazine. Frames are priced in 2 UI increments.

Measuring your collectible can be tricky, especially for a newspaper. Take a look here. for some more information on measurements.

The Moulding you select for your Frame.

I offer a wide variety of mouldings for your frames. The mouldings range in price from Budget to Premium.

See what others have selected. Take a look at my most popular frames here.

Take a look at all my mouldings here.

The type of Frame (Value or Changeable).

The biggest visible difference between Value and Changeable frames is that Changeable Frames have mats, Value Frames do not. See the FAQs for the other major differences between the two types. Mats can't be added to a Value Frame. The process of adding mats turns it into a Changeable Frame.

Value Frames. My Value Frames offer an economical choice for those that don't need a full changeable framing system. You can still change your collectible at any time. My Value Frames include framing grade acrylic, a quality wood frame, a pH neutral acid-free backing board and quality custom made construction.  These frames can also be used for your art, posters or pictures and can be made in any size.
Changeable Frames. Changeable Frames offer outstanding archival protection for your collectible and the ability to change your collectible at any time. Included with your Changeable Frame is double matting, framing grade acrylic glazing (not thin, cheap Plexiglas or styrene), a quality wood frame, an insert system for changing your magazine, a 4 mil Mylar sleeve to protect your collectible and quality custom made construction.

Optional glazing upgrades

Your frame comes standard with Framing Grade Acrylic for the glazing. This is the good stuff, not cheap styrene or plexi. It is the best glazing available for your collectible. Upgrades are available for Non-Glare, UV Protective and UV/NG.

Read more on your glazing options here.

The Framing Wizard is your Friend

Now that you have read this much, the next step is to start playing with the Framing Wizard. You can start the Wizard here.

Enter the size of your collectible, choose the frame type and then you can see the pricing for the various mouldings and glazing options.


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