Gallery of User Pictures


Click on any picture for a larger view. These pictures are provided by my customers. If you would like to see your frame on this page, contact me.

If you would like a frame with mutiple magazines in the same frame, please email me. Multiple magazine frames need to be custom quoted. See the FAQs page for more information.


SuperBowl Mania.!! These are from a collector in Texas that has collected every Super Bowl program. Here on one wall are 26 of the framed in Frame #692, Coffee Brown.


Here is a popular custom style for collectors of comic art. On the left of the frame is the original comic art. On the right side of the frame is a copy of the comic. Holding the frame is the collector and the artist. Like all my frames, the art and the comic can be replaced at any time.

All frames like this with more than one item in the framed need to be quoted by me. See my Contact page for more information.


Brad's Excellent Autograph Adventure. It took Brad a lot of time, effort and travel to get autographs for this Sports Illustrated celebrating the Phillies 2008 World Series win. It is signed by the Phillies team and took over a year and a lot of experiences to get all the autographs including flying to Houston for one autograph and driving 16 hours to Iowa for another.

I'm honored that Brad trusted me enough to frame this heirloom for him.


A framed collection of vintage Mad Magazines.


An orginal poster from the 1988 movie They Live, signed by the stars Keith David, Roddy Piper and Meg Foster.


Here we have two more autographed Sports Illustrated from Brad. First, on the left, is a rare and valuable First Issue autographed by Eddie Matthews, the slugger on the cover. One the right is a 1958 SI autographed by Riche Ashburn, the player on the cover.


This 1862 newspaper is a family treasure: a front page article mentions ancestors of both of owner's parents: his father's great-great-grandfather, Col. deTreville, and his mother's great-great-uncle, Gen. Evans.


Here we have another interesting piece. On the left is an original painting by H. J. Ward that was used for the cover of the January 1936 issue of a pulp magazine called Spicy Detective. The oil was already framed (and signed HJ Ward 35). On the right is the frame I made for the pulp.


Here and in the next row are some framed Life Magazines and framed records from an investment company in Denver.


In the next row we have seven Boston Championship newspapers decorating a proud fan's den.


5x7 Artist Return cards from the Breygent Sci-Fi & Horror Series 2 trading card set. Drawn by Irish artist Trevor Murphy.


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