How To Insert Your Collectible Into A Value Frame

Inserting your collectible into a Value Frame is quick and easy as shown in the follow steps.
We start with your new Value Frame and a vintage Life magazine.
Here is a closeup of a framing point. Note the distance between the backing and the point. This distance is based on the thickness of your collectible. In this case it is 1/8". Others may be more or less for a thicker or thinner item.
There are bendable framing points installed in the back of your Value Frame. The first step is to bend them upward as shown in the picture.
Remove the backing as shown here. You will also remove the glazing and peel of the plastic mask on the glazing and put it back in the frame as shown here.
Put your item into the frame.
And replace the backing.
Finally bend the framing points back into place and your frame is ready to go up on the wall.

What to do when a Framing Point comes Out

The Framing Points in your Value Frame will allow you to occasionally remove your item from the frame. If you need to remove the item frequently, you chould consider a Changeable Frame. I can also use turnbuttons (on request) if you need to frequently change an item in a Value Frame. Contact me for pricing on using turnbuttons. There will be minimal additional charges to cover the additional labor and materials required for turnbuttons.

Occasionally one of the bendable framing points will fail or come out. If this happens, there are a couple of things you can do.
  • If your collectible is still held in place with the remaining framing points, you don't need to do anything.
  • You can use a pushpin or T-pin to hold the back in place as shown in the image.

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