Changeable and Value Frames


I offer custom framing products for magazines, comics, comic art and other ephemera of any size up to 32x40. Your collectible can be up to 1/2" thick.  Some thicker items may not fit in all frames. See the notes for each frame to determine if your item will fit in a particular frame.


I offer two different types of framing systems for your ephemera, Changeable and Value framing. My changeable frames offers full archival protection, as well as matting and a Mylar sleeve to protect your collectible. My value frames offer a changeable system without matting or the Mylar sleeve and works like a ready made frame that you can buy locally with a removable back to change your collectible. The value frames are also great for your pictures or other art. See the links above for more information on both systems, as well as a comparison of the two.


Value Frames


My value frames offer a great value for those that don't need a full changeable framing system. You can still change your collectible at any time. My value frames include framing grade acrylic, a quality wood frame, a pH neutral backing board and quality custom made construction.  These frames can also be used for your art, posters or pictures and can be made in any size.


Changeable Frames


Changeable Frames offer outstanding archival protection for your collectible and the ability to change your collectible at any time in about 30 seconds. Included with your Changeable Frame is double matting, framing grade acrylic glazing (not thin, cheap Plexiglas or styrene), a quality wood frame, an insert system for changing your magazine and a 4 mil Mylar sleeve to protect your collectible and quality custom made construction.


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